Textbooks & Resources

Textbooks & Resources

Textbook Requirements Years 7-11 (2021)

The list of textbook requirements for 2021 for Years 7 – 11 are available online at www.campion.com.au  using the following 4 digit access code “G5YG” (not case sensitive).

All orders are to be prepaid and will be delivered to a nominated address by you for a cost of $15.95 per order.

Please note the ‘art pack’ stationery is to be kept for Visual Arts classes only.

Resources Year 11-12 (2021)
To support senior students with their studies we use the Atomi platform for most subjects (excluding VET).   This platform enables both the student and teacher to utilise further online learning to supplement their classwork.  The cost of the Atomi platform will be added to school fee accounts (approximately $250).

Secondhand Books

Parents are invited to buy and sell their second hand books online via www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to telephone the Information Resource Centre (IRC) via the College Reception on 9977 5111.